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Ready, set, lunge.


As you’ve probably noticed, fitness today has become so much more than dumbbells and mirrors. From outdoor yoga, to boot camp in the park, to climbing, paddle boarding and sumo squatting, there’s practically no limit to the number of ways you can stay in shape while soaking up some sun on a gorgeous day (just don’t forget the SPF!). Not to mention, a little vitamin D can help you boost your mood and release more stress than you would in the air conditioning. 

Getting started is easy. Along with a desire to be fit, all it takes is a thirst for adventure and maybe a little creativity. For example, is a park bench simply a park bench? Or is it also a great spot for dips, step-ups and incline/decline push-ups? See where this is going? And the best part is you don’t have to experiment on your own, because there’s nothing like encouragement from friends who are sweating at your side.

Now that you’re brainstorming your next outdoor routine, there’s just one question. Has there ever been a more magnificent fitness facility than Starkey Ranch? Where else can you walk, run, bike, sprint or burpee on more than 20 miles of trails? What piece of exercise equipment is more fun than rowing across Cannon Lake on a kayak? Is there a fancy gym membership that costs less than free? Okay, that was more than one question but you get the point!

Perhaps the best part of the outdoor exercise movement is that it helps eliminate that one big stumbling block: Some people just hate thinking about exercise. Because when you’re doing something fun and challenging, surrounded by natural beauty, exercise might be the last thing you think about. Especially in a place like Starkey Ranch.