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Meet Our Fitness Instructors



Anne Bromberg once owned her own yoga studio, which means she must know what she’s doing. She works in real estate, which means she knows a good home and community when she sees it. And she lives and teaches right here in Starkey Ranch, which must mean the planets really do align sometimes.

Anne has been a fitness instructor since she was 19 years old, teaching everything from step, to spinning, to body pump, to yoga and Pilates. She loves fitness and believes in the benefits of regular exercise, describing herself as “one of those people” who actually enjoys working out.

A resident of Whitfield Park, Anne describes Starkey Ranch as a breathtakingly beautiful community designed for the outdoor enthusiast and people who want to live a healthy lifestyle. When she’s not teaching or in the middle of her own workout, she loves to enjoy the view from her back patio and listen to the owls at night. Now that's good balance!



When a previous Starkey Ranch fitness instructor was about to take maternity leave, she personally requested none other than Brandi Pellerito to fill her shoes. That was over a year ago, and Brandi has since enjoyed watching the transformation of her students and the community itself.

From the Midwest and a resident of Tarpon Springs, Brandi is always trying to learn more about health and wellness. In fact, she’s currently enrolled in advanced yoga teacher training, which she says is a constant spring of inspiration. She’s been certified since 2016 and will soon also be teaching pre and postnatal yoga.

Brandi has gotten to know her students closely and says that each new week brings new ones. If you haven’t met her or taken one of her classes, you’ll find her at Cunningham Hall. Enjoying the fresh air with a grateful smile on her face.



For Heidi Steinour, becoming a yoga instructor was a natural progression. She began learning as a student, dove deeper into her own practice, got certified and ultimately started teaching at a local studio. This is when the benefits of yoga really came to life and she found herself connected to people from all walks of life in ways she had not experienced before.

A soon-to-be resident of Starkey Ranch, Heidi was looking for ways to build even more relationships and get involved in the community. And apparently her natural progression isn’t slowing down because she now finds herself at Cunningham Hall twice a week helping people live a more peaceful day.

Outside of teaching yoga and working as a professor at USF, Heidi is also an avid runner and heavily involved in nutrition. As for her remaining present moments, she saves those for family, friends and building her new home.