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Starkey Ranch pet projects

Jayce and Isabel and Sofia.jpg (1)

For Jayce Insolia, Isabel Rzymski and Sofia Rzymski, it began when they got new dogs and wanted to make healthy treats for them. One treat led to another, and then many more. Before these young girls knew it, they were running a small business growing in popularity. 




Three Paw Treats – appropriately named as each girl has a “paw” in making the treats – started out as a door-to-door neighborhood service. But it didn’t take long for Jayce, Isabel and Sofia to hang a shingle at the monthly Sunday Market in District Park. Since then, they have also begun making and selling treats for cats. They even donate special batches of their goodies to a local animal shelter. Anyone else thinking future CEOs here?


Driven by their passion and compassion for dogs, Amy and CJ Leone have also been making paw prints in Starkey Ranch. As part of Pug Rescue of Florida, they foster Puggles (Pug/Beagle mix) and have adopted/rescued a couple of their own. They are also involved with Paws For Friendship, a non-profit organization of volunteers who share the love of their personal pets with people in need. Along with their Puggles, Enzo and Zoe, Amy and CJ do certified therapy work at a local retirement center where Enzo and Zoe bring smiles and happiness to the elderly community.

If you can believe it, Amy has even more love to share. Her companion care service, Nurtured Souls, took off by word of mouth and she has been caring for dogs and cats of all ages, breeds and sizes in the community ever since. Her services include dog walking, drop-in visits and practically any other pet-related needs neighbors might have. Make sure to wave if you see her at one of our four dog parks.


The involvement of these five residents certainly illustrates one of the many wonderful gifts pets bring. They don’t just bond with us on a deep level – they also connect us with other people.